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Student Wellbeing

Child protection is a shared responsibility between all employees, workers, contractors, associates, and members of the Alkira Secondary College community. The safety and wellbeing of our students form a central and fundamental responsibility of our College and compliments our vision and values of: Respect, Integrity, Care and Excellence. The introduction of Child Safety Standards is aligned with the Victorian Government’s recommendations to the Betrayal of Trust report, which indicated a more strategic and dedicated approach was required to prevent and respond to child abuse.

Alkira SC will meet the mandated seven Child Safety Standards through changes to our school policies, processes, curriculum and empowerment of all children.

Critical Response poster (DET) – four critical actions to child abuse

child abuse

The following links provide documentation of how Alkira SC will meet the required standards:

 Child Safety Code of Conduct Policy

 Child Safety Standards - information for the wider school community

 Critical Response poster (DET) – four critical actions to child abuse

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